Magic Lube


Magic Lube® is a PTFE based, multipurpose sealant/lubricant. Used for lubricating “O” rings, gaskets, etc. USDA Approved. Safe in food environments. Safe for Fish.

Product Description:

#630 – 1oz Tube
Can be used in both wet and dry environments with a temperature range of -10° to 425°F.
It forms a durable, adhesive film that prevents contact, even under severe shock loads.
Magic Lube is specially formulated to be non-melting, nonvolatile, and waterproof.
It has been USDA H-1 rated to be environmentally safe.
It is chemical resistant and compatible with most metals, rubbers and plastics.
It is commonly used on motors, o-rings, gaskets, bearings, water filters and much more.
1oz Tube goes a long way. Super concentrated.

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